Competitive team


Competitive Dance team

- fun, upbeat, welcoming, supportive, and encouraging program where students are encouraged to work to their fullest potential

- a great way to increase strength, endurance, and overall physical fitness

- opportunity to learn from certified instructors, in internationally recognized syllabus classes, including Royal Academy of Dance, ADAPT, and Acrobatic Arts

- multiple performance opportunities each dance season

- attend 2-3 festivals/competitions per season

- opportunity to attend out of town dance conventions

- opportunity to perform in the year end recital

- a great place to meet new friends


Classes offered:

-Royal Academy of Dance: Ballet

-ADAPT: Jazz


-Acrobatic Arts- Acro


-Musical Theater



In order to be on our competitive dance team, each student must attend a minimum of 2 hours of class per week (including ballet and/or lyrical), unless otherwise specified.


*classes will 45-60 mins in length*

**Examinations will be made available (optional) in Ballet, Jazz, and Tap, upon instructor approval**